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Application Modernization and Optimization

Our Application Modernization and Optimization offering helps reduce both IT costs and the risk of an aging workforce by:

  • Extending the useful life of legacy applications at a significantly reduced cost compared to replacement.
  • Rapidly turning-around non-performing systems.
  • Migrating custom solutions written in vintage languages or hosted on retiring platforms to more modern, sustainable solutions.
  • We have a seasoned team of strategy, technology and implementation professionals who focus exclusively on extending the useful life of applications using our suite of modernization tools that accelerate and automate the portfolio optimization process. Our dedicated offshore delivery centers enable cost-efficient implementation via highly skilled IT professionals.

    Application Portfolio Optimization

    Creates a strategy and road map to improve your application portfolio and reduce functionality overlaps, technical limitations and maintenance costs. Our experienced specialists use diagnostics and proven processes to probe for problem areas and quickly determine whether the applications are functionally adequate and technically healthy enough to support your organization’s business strategy.

    Performance Engineering

    Allows IT leaders to better manage the overall performance of their applications so they can meet or beat users’ expectations and reduce unnecessary costs due to performance issues. Our experienced team works to confirm that high performance is built into applications and alleviates performance problems in existing applications.

    Application Modernization

    Helps companies get the most value from their existing applications over the short, middle and long terms—as well as helping to reduce certain costs and risks. Our Application Modernization team can help modernize and streamline organization’s application landscape and technology while retaining much of the investment made in applications.