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HDNS sees the cloud as the convergence of three worlds: consumers, business and technology. The rise of mobility, social networking and mobile devices has created a new norm for interaction with customers and employees. At the same time, businesses are experiencing speed-to-market and cost containment pressures as never before. Technologies for virtualization, open-source software, automation, bandwidth availability and more continue to evolve.

Lowered costs, enhanced flexibility and the ability to create new revenue streams are making cloud a technology of choice for high performance. But, cloud can do more. Cloud can:

  • Connect customers and citizens anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhance insight through advanced analytics.
  • Eliminate organizational boundaries.
  • Spur new products and services.
  • Broaden global footprint at lowered cost.
  • We are seeing benefits in many industries:

  • Electronic health records follow patients from doctor to doctor, allowing more coordinated care.
  • Applications such as product barcode scanners have brought instantaneous, online comparison shopping to the retail industry.
  • Global peer-to-peer lending services allow consumers to sidestep banks with hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions.
  • Applications such as Pandora and Genius for iTunes aggregate and analyze user feedback in real time.
  • How HDNS can help:

  • Help develop a strategy and roadmap for integrating cloud technologies in your IT environment, assessing both benefits and risks.
  • Help plan, implement and manage a third-party SaaS solution to maximize speed to value and business functionality.
  • Design, build, or re-platform applications in the cloud, reducing total cost of ownership.
  • Build, integrate and manage private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructures to support an agile business.
  • Adding cloud computing to your technology arsenal involves everything from a strategic road map to minute operational details. HDNS helps you not only sort through the many vendors, services and technologies in the market, but helps integrate and manage your new IT landscape for high performance.

  • Deep industry knowledge provides us a unique perspective.
  • The risks associated with cloud play to HDNS’s areas of strength: security, reliability, compliance, integration.
  • HDNS provides and integrates cloud service, drawing from our experience in managing complex environments.
  • HDNS is an independent advisor that sits within a large, but select, ecosystem of cloud providers. We bring objectivity to the selection of vendors that best fit our clients’ individual needs, driving consistency and accountability. Currently, we have agreements with 25 cloud providers such as Amazon, Cisco Systems, Google, Microsoft, salesforce.com, Netsuite and VMWare.
  • HDNS has invested in skilled, cost-effective tools and methodologies to help clients take full advantage of new cloud-based technologies whether they build their own cloud environment, implement new cloud-based software services, or re-platform and integrate their legacy applications onto cloud-based platforms.

    Working directly with clients, HDNS has become a major player in providing services in the cloud. As a global provider, with services spanning strategy through implementation and run, we use real-time experience to adjust our strategy, investments, sales approach and operating models to help clients realize the greatest value from cloud technologies.

    We approach our clients’ unique needs through the following differentiated services:

    HDNS Cloud Platform

    HDNS helps mitigate the challenges associated with cloud governance and service delivery by providing a platform and a proprietary set of software and business process services that accelerate the successful adoption and integration of cloud services—without compromising quality, standards or security. The HDNS Cloud Platform can be accessed in an on-demand fashion as a managed service, or as an asset for on-premise deployments.

    Cloud Strategy

    With proven methodologies and proprietary tools HDNS Cloud Computing Strategy builds a road map for integrating cloud technologies in a broader IT strategy.

    Private/Public Cloud Infrastructure

    Whether it is public/private cloud migration for enterprises or governments, cloud infrastructure services for service providers, or cloud enterprise services for hybrid cloud environments, HDNS can guide you on your path to the cloud. Our teams help organizations transform and operate their infrastructure—including servers and storage, networks, security and workplace services—to a virtualized, automated, service-based model. This is the starting point for integrating cloud services, which add another layer of complexity to the IT environment.

    Software as a Service (SaaS) Implementation

    HDNS helps organizations address how to plan, implement and manage a third-party SaaS solution to maximize speed to value and business functionality.

    Agile Application and Platform Management

    HDNS believes that cloud will become the primary platform and enabler for application development and management and replatforming in the near future (for some industry leaders, it already is). Our agile Application and platform solution focuses on the use of cloud of three ways: first, platform as a service (PaaS), second, application modernization, and, third, cloud-enabled systems integration.

    In each case we are able to leverage assets, methods, delivery capabilities, and alliance relationships that in combination provide HDNS with a uniquely differentiated client value proposition, including potential reduced infrastructure costs, reduced total cost of ownership and improved speed to value.

    HDNS Software

    For years, HDNS has used its deep industry experience to build software that meets specific industry needs. Now, HDNS is working on bringing this same technology to clients as a service.

    Business Process Utilities

    Outsourcing can help cut costs and create a more flexible workforce. Cloud is the next iteration of outsourcing, adding to the beneficial economics many companies already experience. HDNS can help.

    Organizations planning their journey to the cloud however face many challenges, including the rapid rate of change in the cloud marketplace. At HDNS we recognize this, and understand organizations need access to accurate, relevant and timely information on available cloud services, research and experiences to help them answer fundamental questions:

  • What opportunities exist for my industry?
  • Who are the most relevant suppliers of cloud services?
  • Who should I partner with to deliver maximum value?
  • Ideally, your executive team would have a comprehensive, dynamic snapshot of the global cloud marketplace before making these decisions.

    Enter HDNS’s Cloud Market Insight

    HDNS’s dedicated Cloud Market Insight team monitors the cloud marketplace, analyst opinion and research as well as HDNS’s experience delivering cloud projects. They capture and maintain this information in a centralized knowledge repository to support HDNS’s cloud strategy engagements. Our clients benefit.

    Cloud Market Insight

    receiving valuable insight into cloud infrastructure, platform, software and business process as-a-service solutions, as well as supporting tools and technologies.


  • Reduces delivery time by quickly providing detailed information on cloud solutions and services for specific opportunities identified during a cloud strategy engagement Increases the quality of your organization’s cloud strategy by employing a specialist team and allowing detailed assessment of cloud solutions and services across a large number of core attributes.
  • Reduces your research requirements during project delivery by having relevant industry data completed and at hand
  • Aligns with other HDNS tools and methodologies, supporting the development of comprehensive cloud strategy and the delivery of subsequent cloud projects Whether your team is just beginning to investigate cloud computing or expanding on current cloud initiatives, Cloud Market Insight can streamline your decision process while helping your firm stay ahead of the cloud learning curve.