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Global Delivery

HDNS’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, industry insights, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deeply-skilled professionals—all focused on generating measurable business value for our clients through reliable, cost-effective and consistently high-quality services.

At HDNS, delivery excellence is about making sure we achieve our High Performance promise. Clients come to us to meet their immediate business challenges and to provide long-term value through continuous improvement.

Companies and organizations are looking for game-changing solutions delivered with the right mix of skills, experience and global reach, and that’s what distinguishes HDNS in the marketplace. HDNS offices and client locations, the HDNS Global Delivery Network is the largest and most diversified group of management consulting, technology and business process outsourcing professionals in the world.

Our environment of continuous improvement matches the culture of our clients, and helps us attain ever-higher levels of productivity, precision and predictability. Supported by deep industry, technology and business acumen, and by an unmatched breadth of industrialized capabilities—including processes, methods, tools, architectures, analytics and metrics—HDNS helps our clients generate next-generation innovations that can help them achieve high performance.

HDNS’s world-class delivery capabilities are unsurpassed in the marketplace, combining deep industry knowledge, and experience across the breadth of traditional and emerging technologies, award-winning outsourcing solutions, and top professionals around the world supported by an unparalleled collection of tested, industrialized tools and assets. Here’s part of what makes up HDNS’s differentiated delivery capabilities.

  • Top talent: Ask our clients what sets HDNS apart, and one of the top answers will be our people. Clients value our global, multidisciplinary teams with the mix of complementary skills right for their needs. Across every client conversation, every project, every location, we bring motivated people with an enormous range of technology knowledge, industry experience and business smarts. Rooted in a strong culture of client service, they truly are top talent, whether measured in knowledge, skills and ability or in character, attitude and commitment

  • Deep industry knowledge: Industry is at the core of our business. HDNS has extensive experience in more than 40 industries. Clients demand providers whose industry knowledge matches theirs, and our rigorous industry proficiency program, with biannual testing, helps make that happen. We also have industry centers of excellence around the world that bring clients together with our specialists to define new generations of industry-specific services. HDNS’s ability to make functional, technology and process innovations come alive within particular industries is second to none.
  • Global reach: We bring the best of HDNS offices and client locations, all integrated through standardized systems and processes. Through our HDNS Global Delivery Network, our clients gain the crucial delivery flexibility they need. Each year, our reach becomes broader, our industry, functional, technology and business process skills become more extensive, and our relationships with clients deepen.
  • Industrialization: Leading organizations look to external providers to help them improve the productivity of their own people and technologies, and HDNS has the latest innovations, specialized professionals, proven processes, tools, automation, reusable assets, shared services and process optimizations to generate radical productivity and quality improvements. Our unwavering commitment to industrialization and continuous improvement allows HDNS to deliver cost-competitive, world-class services and solutions to our clients around the globe, with pace and certainty, and with higher levels of precision and predictability.
  • Standardization: Innovation and standardization go hand in hand: It’s the ability to use consistent methods and tools that speeds time to delivery and high-quality results—and that, in turn, seeds the dramatic improvements that can lead to innovations. Clients benefit from a common language and standard approach for strategy and planning, new development, outsourcing and management activities. The HDNS Delivery Suite incorporates proprietary best practices that distinguish us from our competitors, but we are also at the forefront of using proven industry standards.
  • With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, HDNS mobilizes the right people, skills and technologies to help clients achieve high performance.

    Technology Services: HDNS is the world’s largest independent provider of technology services. We provide a full range of innovative and proven consulting and outsourcing solutions—from the development of IT strategy to the optimization, management and security of the underlying infrastructure, applications and data. And we are leading in technology innovation through our Labs and our software business, and by driving enterprise adoption of advanced cloud, mobility, analytics and social media/web capabilities. A strong orientation to the unique challenges of our clients, combined with decades of experience translating board-level objectives into industrialized, lower-risk technology solutions, enables us to collaborate with organizations to help them achieve measurable improvements in performance.

    BPO Services: HDNS offers a vast range of BPO services to enable high performance. These include function-specific services such as procurement, supply chain, learning, HR and finance and accounting, as well as services geared to the needs of specific industries such as utilities, insurance and healthcare. Regardless of function or industry, our mission is to help your organization not only deliver tangible business outcomes but also improve its operating and market performance, beginning with a smooth transition and a rapid return on investment—all the way to the long-term stability, predictability and continuous improvement potential for which leading BPO services providers are known.