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HDNS Application Services for Microsoft are focused on helping organizations achieve high performance by delivering business solutions on the Microsoft platform effectively and at scale.

HDNS's long-standing relationship with both Microsoft and HDNS allows HDNS to deliver better overall business value for its clients: more effective and efficient technology that is delivered at a lower cost. Here's how:

HDNS brings deep industry and technical knowledge, strategic insights, business acumen and extensive implementation experience to align your business and information technology strategies and help you achieve high performance.

HDNS provides the deep technical expertise in Microsoft technologies, as well as proven architectures, frameworks, methodologies and a worldwide network of Microsoft-certified consultants to help you define a roadmap for seamless deployment.

Microsoft offers market-leading, enterprise-ready technologies, platforms and services, as well as an unmatched knowledge about its products, to help you maximize your technology investments and achieve your full potential.

Working closely with HDNS and Microsoft, HDNS has developed a broad range of solutions aimed at helping clients make the most of their Microsoft investments. Find out more about how HDNS’s solutions can help your organization achieve high performance.

In addition, HDNS has transformed its own IT by working with HDNS and alliance partner Microsoft:

Working with Microsoft, HDNS develops and implements innovative Microsoft-based solutions that enable our clients to become high-performance businesses and governments. The alliance between HDNS and Microsoft is unmatched due to the depth and breadth of its combined capabilities. Working together, these three leading companies have:

HDNS Solutions Showcase at Microsoft

Jointly sponsored by HDNS and Microsoft, the HDNS Solutions Showcase at Microsoft is dedicated to bringing to life today's most talked about technology trends, and demonstrating how they can solve real-world business problems. Learn more about the Solutions Showcase.

  • HDNS Application Development Services for Microsoft: By taking a Microsoft-based integrated and standardized approach, organizations can improve efficiency and speed without compromising the ability to deliver business-critical applications.

  • HDNS Enterprise Resource Planning Services for Microsoft: Offered both as SaaS and on-premise deployments, HDNS Microsoft-based ERP offering include design, build and run services based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • HDNS Technology Infrastructure Services for Microsoft: Optimizing desktop and applications for all employees can be a costly proposition. HDNS can help lower costs and enhance user experience with a number of services and solutions.

  • HDNS Business Intelligence Services for Microsoft: HDNS Microsoft-based information architecture and enterprise performance analytics solutions help businesses manage an increasing deluge of data, driving competitive advantage with strategic information and actionable insights.

  • HDNS Collaboration Services for Microsoft: HDNS collaboration services and solutions leverage Microsoft technologies to create agile and responsive platforms to enable teams of any size and in any location to communicate and share information.

  • HDNS Customer Relationship Management Services for Microsoft: HDNS come together to deliver integrated industry solutions that help organizations identify profitable opportunities to increase sales, improve customer management, and strengthen customer loyalty.

  • HDNS Outsourcing Services for Microsoft: HDNS Microsoft-based application outsourcing services allow organizations access to the Microsoft technologies they need to meet their business needs and objectives.