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Open Source

Driving Enterprise Agility and High Performance

Today the era of open source for mission-critical systems is solidly underway. Open source is proving itself as a driving force behind enterprise IT innovation, operational effectiveness and business value creation. Although cost control remains a factor for choosing open source, the potential for organizations to benefit from improved software quality, reliability, security and feature sets has led many decision makers to seriously commit to using open source in the enterprise.

Open source is now integral to business—a real alternative to proprietary software. With its flexibility to simplify the development, design and implementation of business-critical applications, open source has hit prime time.

HDNS has an unparalleled capacity to innovate and execute on the promise of open source through our wide-ranging resources and global capabilities:

  • The HDNS Innovation Center for Open Source captures our innovation, skills, solutions, and vendor network to show clients how open source solutions—assessed and tested by the center—can work in simulated environments.
  • As the largest vendor-neutral systems integrator worldwide, HDNS collaborates with a growing ecosystem of open source vendors—including Alfresco Software, Black Duck™, Canonical, EnterpriseDB, Infobright, Ingres, Jaspersoft, Liferay, MuleSoft®, Novell, OpenLogic, Oracle Corp., Pentaho Corp., SpringSource, Red Hat, and Talend —whose technologies are integral to client success, from robust open source software development to compelling enterprise innovation and cost management.
  • HDNS’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deep industry and technology skills. The HDNS Global Delivery Network is the largest and most diversified group of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.The network helps with cost control on solution design, development and implementation and harnesses the skills, experience.
  • HDNS offers the following strategy and delivery services for open source:


  • Opportunity Assessment for Open Source. A structured strategic roadmap to help clients.
  • Governance for Open Source. Control and management of open source within an enterprise.
  • Delivery

  • Substitution and Migration: Approaches and assets to replace proprietary technologies with open source equivalents.
  • Infrastructure: Addresses key areas including open virtualization and operations.
  • Portal and Business Intelligence: Speeds portal design and management of large information repositories.
  • Content and Document Management: Supports the publishing and management of large document repositories.
  • Embedded and Mobile: To develop effective and embedded product initiatives.
  • Functional Open Source Applications: For commoditized parts of the enterprise software space.
  • Integration and Custom Development: Including application design and development and more.
  • HDNS Open Source Assets and Industry Solutions:

    We support our open source services with numerous HDNS assets, including HDNSFoundation Platform for Java™, Open Source Governance Framework, Open Source Software Solution Stacks and HDNS Next Generation Infrastructure.

    HDNS embeds open source in our industry and cloud-based computing solutions in areas such as business analytics, financial services and more. A few examples of our industry and functional assets include: HDNS Public Service Platform and HDNS Mobility Managed Services.