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Smart Grid

As smart grid has rapidly escalated to the top of energy priority lists of utilities and communities around the world, the landscape has gotten increasingly noisy and difficult to understand. Because of the underlying complexities surrounding the move to a smarter grid, grasping the concept of what makes a grid smart and what this means to the lives of everyone who consumes electricity is sometimes difficult.

To help all the stakeholders who will benefit from a smarter grid to understand why a modernized grid is important, what it means to them and why they should care, HDNS has created a short, fun, informative video that conveys the commitment of the power industry to 21st century electric systems that connect everyone to abundant, affordable, clean, efficient and reliable electric power anytime, anywhere

One of HDNS’s key focus areas in the utility industry is in helping our clients with the transformation to a smarter grid. With 100 smart grid projects in more than 20 countries, HDNS is at the forefront of the world’s smart grid evolution. From generation to in-home energy management; from strategic blueprints to operational data analytics; and from the board room to the operations center, HDNS offers the world-leading expertise that utilities and their customers need to frame their vision of a smarter grid and then achieve its many benefits.