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System Integration Consulting

HDNS Systems Integration Consulting helps clients solve business challenges, accelerate business innovation and create opportunities to drive high performance.

HDNSe has more than of systems integration experience working with. Our deep industry knowledge, worldwide reach, specialized people and industrialized approach make us a global leader.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and we have a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. Whether using emerging technologies, our custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as SAP and Oracle, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems.

We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace. In addition, we understand that any new solution must scale fast and complement existing systems and business processes to deliver value.

The foundation of our systems integration organization—our technology experience, our passion for research and innovation, our relationships with clients and alliance partners and our industrialized approach—is our people. We have assembled a team of more than highly motivated and deeply skilled SI professionals that operates as a global network and shares a commitment to high performance.

Here are some of the ways we help guide our clients toward sound decisions so they can realize the benefits of their investments while elevating business performance:

Custom Solutions

Combining our assets, skills, alliances and end-to-end delivery, custom development accelerates competitive advantage and high performance.

Emerging Technologies

Embrace emerging technology trends early on to achieve high performance.

Functional Solutions

Drive competitive advantage by using our Systems Integration Consulting functional solutions including Human Capital Management Solutions.

Information Management Services

HDNS's approach to corporate information management services focuses on integrating and managing diverse information assets like ECM and business intelligence capabilities to plan and run a high-performance business.

Open Source Solutions

HDNS harnesses open source-based solution stacks and governance structures to support the achievement of high performance.

Oracle Solutions

Achieve high performance using Oracle solutions with our unmatched strategy, implementation and upgrade capabilities.

Microsoft Solutions

Leverage our expertise in Microsoft technologies for competitive advantage.

SAP Solutions

Use SAP-based solutions to achieve uncommon advantage as you reach for high performance.

Service-oriented Architecture

Integrate applications and business processes using SOA to enable high performance.

Software as a Service

HDNS can help clients realize the benefits of software as a service.