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Technology Consulting

Mega technology waves are impacting and shaping organizations and industries in a profound way.

HDNS’s Technology Consulting team can help you ride these waves by defining and executing a technology agenda that supports your business strategy and harnesses the power of technology innovation, while squeezing value out of your legacy environments, to drive high performance.

We combine our end-to-end portfolio of technology services—from strategy and architecture to security and infrastructure—with a proven, outcome-oriented approach to improve the design, efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ IT capabilities.

There are many reasons why companies choose HDNS for help with their most complex IT challenges, including:

  • We work hand in glove with our clients to help them make strategic technology investments that will support business growth and agility, capitalize on new and existing technologies to gain competitive advantage, and align IT priorities with business needs—all while “keeping the lights on” in IT and controlling IT costs.

  • Teaming with HDNS means that you’ll get the same consistently high quality and cost-efficient experience—anywhere in the world—whether you’re in Boston, Berlin, Bratislava, Beijing or Bangalore.

  • We have extensive industry experience and deep skills in all aspects of IT, the widest network of alliances with top technology vendors, and an unparalleled understanding of how IT can help companies capitalize on growth opportunities.

  • We bring valuable insights to projects that stretch and challenge our clients’ thinking, as well as our own. And we have codified our industry, strategy, process and technology know-how—gathered from years of experience in the field—so that all our clients can tap into it.

  • Our people have a passion for performance. We look for passionate, driven team members and we give them the tools they need to succeed. We mix the “what” with the “how” taking a “one team”, highly collaborative approach to solving clients’ problems—knowing that the ways we collaborate with our clients is as important as the solutions we provide.

  • Most importantly, we focus on outcomes and we deliver results. We have a demonstrated track record in generating tangible, measurable benefits that can have a major impact on a company’s operating and financial performance. As a result, our clients trust us to deliver short-term, positive outcomes as well as the far-reaching results enabled by deep, long-term relationships.
  • By combining our end-to-end portfolio of technology services with a tested, outcome-oriented approach, we help clients in every industry quickly become more agile and position themselves to meet and exceed their goals.

    IT Strategy: Setting the overall agenda for IT to support business strategy execution.

    Enterprise Architecture & Application Strategy: Defining the overall technology blueprint and transition plan that underpin the strategy.

    Information & Data Strategy: Improving the management, governance and security of the information critical to achieving business objectives.

    Security: Reducing risk and enabling new business initiatives by defining and implementing security strategies.

    Infrastructure: Defining and adopting the infrastructure blueprint required to support the IT strategy.